Tuesday, 21 March 2017

ANOTHER re-start!

So since my last post on here my life has just fell apart even further and dieting has been the last thing on my mind.
Unfortunately, that has brought the results of weight gain, as we haven't been eating as well, grabbing lots of convenience foods and having to eat out, all just generally rubbish and I HATE IT!!

So I have come to a point now where it's affecting my health and mental wellbeing and so it's time to take back some control. Today, once more, it's a new start!! 

I've been mulling it over for ages on and off and felt quite desperate to get a kick start and so was even considering those diet shakes but I can't see how that is good for you really. It's not real food is it, it's chemically based I think. 
So I think I'm going to start off by taking the principles of SW and eating better, but maybe not going back onto it properly straight away, as I need to get back in the zone and I'm at a convention next weekend, although where I can stick to it, I will as that's what I want get back to ASAP.

I'm giving myself some slack until after the convention though because it's not always easy to get exactly what you need food wise and that weekend is a treat weekend, where we can kick back and relax in the evenings and is sorely needed. I don't want to be stressing over food. I'll try to be sensible-ish. I don't want to put it off until after though, I think if I semi start even, it'll help me show a bit of restraint at least. 

I want to start some walking again, which I do feel the benefits of, but making myself get out there and actually do it when I'm so tired is a chore at the moment.
Thankfully, my eldest son likes to walk, so maybe we can drag each other out. 🤔 
When we walk, we tend to go between 11pm and midnight as that's when we are both free, so by then I'm trying to beg off but I will try and get strict with myself and just do it. Once I'm out I actually like it, its just getting yourself out there, lol. 

Anyhow, I got up this morning and meant to weigh in but without thinking ate some breakfast first.
If I don't start today though I'm just going to keep putting it off, so I weighed myself anyhow. So here we go, I have a starting point now. 

Let's look at the damage then... 


10st 12lb 8oz.


Body fat:

Body water:

So, not looking good at all, BUT, it's a starting point and hopefully I can improve those numbers from now. *Determination*

I might even take a couple of weekly pictures too and put them on here, for a visual reference as well. 

I plan to use this as a daily diary to keep me focused, so I'll be writing what I eat each day, maybe pictures too, whatever I find helps me keep focused really. 
I also have a Fitbit, so I might put some stats on as well. 

I need to do this now. 
So here's hoping!!

Start picture. 

Let battle commence!!!

Monday, 7 December 2015

Weekly weigh in. Week 1

The first week was much better than I expected.
I had a couple of times of feeling hungry and I didn't drink as much water as I should, but overall, it wasn't too bad at all.

This coming week I will make a big effort to drink more and that should help with the 'hunger' hopefully.

Anyhow, onto the weight news!!

10st 11lb 6oz (151lb,) (68.49kg)




2lb LOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, a sliver under 2lb if we're being really precise but I'll go with the 2lb for motivational purposes, lol

Last week:
10st 13lb 4oz (153lb) (69.4kg)
Body fat
Body water

I haven't done any exercise this week but hopefully that will come as well as I start to feel a bit more energetic.

I know I'm unlikely to lose more than 1lb a week generally so it isn't going to fall off me quickly. It's going to be a long process.
Even so, I think just feeling you've made a start and the numbers are going down is a real boost and hopefully I'm going to stick to plan and have another good week!!

I'm off to eat now, haha


Monday, 30 November 2015

Starting over.

Well I never got to do that re-start last time, due to everything that kicked off and has since happened here, but although things are still on going, I'm going to make a good effort to get back on track with this diet.

I have to.

I'm almost back to where I was when I first started dieting. Also, I'm back up on my reflux medication to taking it every other day, whereas I was down to every third day and getting towards where I thought it might even be possible to improve on that!

I'm going to post my weight again and keep like a diary almost, of how I'm doing in the week, when I'm doing well and when I'm feeling challenged by it and hope that helps to keep me on track!!

I'm doing this at home, not going to a slimming world group, but I will probably follow the slimming world diet plan.

So  .....

10st 13lb 4oz (153lb) (69.4kg)




Oh my!! That actually makes me cringe looking at it written down.
But that's all to the good!!
Hopefully it will help me stick on track.

So off to have breakfast now and
hopefully a good first day!!

Happy dieting

Wednesday, 29 April 2015


My last post was in February and I have been on and off this diet since then like a yoyo.
I couldn't seem to really buckle down to it again and I would be good, splurge, be good etc and on and on, like a hamster on a never ending cycle of events.

Well I could give all kinds of reasons as to why it has been and is, too difficult for me to stick with this but that won't help me change my mindset. It only gives me excuses that I can use to try and justify to myself for my lack of will power and motivation.  
No, excuses are totally pathetic!! No, what I need is a goal and some determination. I need to really, really WANT to get back to it and try.

So I have dutifully and with much fear and trepidation, got back on the scales. I recorded the result and once again I intend to write it all down here and hope that will help get me back on track. 

My first goal is to see a 9 again instead of the 10 in the stones of weight. I forgot to record the ounces as well this week, so I can't remember if I was nearer to the 6lb or the 5lb. 
From now on though I'll record the whole weight so I can see even tiny changes.

So here it is

10st 5lb, (145lb, 65.77kg)
Body fat
Body water

If I never try, it'll never change.

Any comments of support or help are welcome. 
I'm going to do the slimming world diet myself at home.

Let's do this!!!!!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Weekly weigh in. Week 5

10st 3lb 8oz (143lb, 64.86kg)
Body fat
Body water

2lb loss!!!

Weekly weigh in. Week 4

10st 5lb 0oz (145lb, 65.77kg)
Body fat
Body water

2lb gain!! 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Weekly weigh in. Week 3

10st 3lb 2oz (143lb, 63.5kg)
Body fat
Body water